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A place overflowing with rich nature and the citizens’ kindness, a place where you can have a taste of each season’s specific festivals!
If you come to Aomori, we wholeheartedly offer you our hospitality and welcome you to stay in our merchant union.

【Aomori Prefecture tourism and traffic information guidance app “Aomori Navi”】

Aomori Prefecture tourism and traffic information guidance application “Aomori Navi” is a Smartphone application designed in cooperation of Aomori Prefecture and Jordan Co.Ltd.

Aomori Navi is an application that shows the routes on the map and is able to display the time and fare of the bus and the railways, as well.

Being a convenient application, please feel free to use it.

Link for IPhone http://aomori.jcld.jp/QR/AomoriNaviAppStore/
Link for android http://aomori.jcld.jp/QR/AomoriNaviGooglePlay/

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Aptinet Aomori Sightseeing Guide

A castle and temples from Edo Period, festivals, and traditional arts – the magic of Japanese culture in Aomori is within your reach.

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