Privacy Policy

Handling of the Personal Information:

In Aomori Prefecture Japanese Hotel Environmental Trade Association (referred to as “the union”), in line with the enforcement of the law on the protection of personal information, we stipulate the protection of personal information below.

The Association, knowing the importance of dealing with your personal information, in order to provide better products and services, and promote the main points of the followings, we will take responsibility in protecting your personal information.

The union collects the personal information from the customers and after receiving their consent; collecting the necessary information to achieve its objectives.

If the union is to use the personal information of customers, and use only within the scope of the purpose of use, it will not be used beyond the range of its purpose. In addition, the union is the guidance of the information and services by postcard, sealed letters and e-mail, however we will use the personal information to replying, and questionnaires, but we will immediately stop if our customer desires so.

Whenever the union will use your personal information, you may want to entrust the personal information to a third party within the range of legitimate use. The director is much obliged to strictly manage the personal information to contractors.

In the case of laws and regulations etc. If you want to outsource a part of the business, we will not provide or disclose your personal information to the customer’s conset, without a third party.

With respect to your personal information the union is entrusted, in case you wish to check and correct the personal information, including your submission of documents etc. documents necessary for your identification, we will respond promptly to your desire. However, if there is a disclosure required by the regular legal proceedings, it will be guaranteed only by the person himself.